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Below you can find two of the most common types of Travertine Noce stone available in the market.

Travertine Noce - Cross cut

Travertine Noce - Vein cut


The Travertine Noce is one of the most known Travertines in Turkey. It is a beige/dark brown brown coloured natural stone, with slight variations in terms of brown tones. | Description


Recommended Use

The Travertine Noce is a very versatily natural stone that is used on a large diversity of applicatons. It is common to find applications of the Travertine Noce in cladding. | Applications


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Travertine cladding

Travertine is a preferential type of stone to be used on cladding applications, either exterior cladding or interior wall cladding or coverings. It is a fairly uniform stone, with large availability and easy to work.

Travertine Noce recommended finishing

The Travertine Noce is a versatile natural stone that can adapt well to different types of finishings. There are a great range of finishings that are commonly used with this type of travertine stone.